motivation from a friend

Yesterday morning I spoke with a friend who told me of his trouble finding motivation to go to the gym.  Then he informed me that he read my blog and was hoping he’d lose weight by doing so.  I laughed and asked that he let me know how it goes- that if he actually lost pounds by reading my blog, I’d be pleased to recommend it to others as a weight loss aid.  I encouraged him to check out the gym in his building and said I’d check on him later to find out if he’d actually worked out (he did).  After the conversation I realized that I’d better practice what I preach and committed to 1/2 hour on the spin bike even though I had no desire to work out.

This morning time flew by as I prepared for my trip tomorrow, ate breakfast and did a little yoga.  Before I knew it, I had an hour before I needed to leave for my concert and I had yet to visit the gym.  My husband and I rushed over and I did a hill repeat workout on the treadmill then a fun but short routine to work the rest of my body.  I’m glad we fit it in before the concert because I sure didn’t feel like doing anything by the time I got home this evening!

the workouts:

Saturday spin: 30 minutes spin bike at gym with purpose of keeping my RPM high because that’s what I have the most difficulty with outside

15 minute warm-up, increasing cadence every 5 minutes, light resistance on wheel

10 X  :30 sprint / :3o RI slower spin, medium resistance on wheel

5 minute cool down, light resistance on wheel


Sunday run: hill repeats on the treadmill, bonus- no downhill- better on my knees!

5 minute walk to gym

5 minute easy jog to continue warm-up

10 X  :30 @ 5% incline / :30 @ 0% incline, same speed

cool down- walking forward and backward lunges, squats, grand plié (2nd position), functional reaches

bridges and  balanced leg lifts on foam roller, plank w/ knee tucks, side plank



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