Day 7

I went to another great yoga class this morning and, once again, enjoyed a sunny bike ride to and from the studio.  I noticed the rest of the day when going up and down stairs that my legs are really sore from the past few day’s yoga classes!  My morning was carefully planned to accommodate practicing so I could spend the afternoon downtown for appointments and enjoy a little free shopping time.  I ate a very early, light lunch in preparation for my first cleanse-related appointment and somehow that sustained me until I was on the bus home at 7pm, at which time I became ravenous and started not feeling too well.  The idea of going home to make another smoothy or come up with ingredients for a soup was so unappealing that when a friend suggested Shabu, I jumped at the idea.  I figured, I could stay pretty on track with how I’m eating (beside the fact that dinner is supposed to be liquid).  I held the tofu on my veggie platter, left all of the udon and ate only a few spoonfuls of the white rice.   Normally I finish every last bite but when I found myself full halfway through, I ate a few more bits of lettuce, spinach and the last portabella mushroom, then called it quits.  I’m still feeling uncomfortably full and my stomach isn’t thrilled.  Perhaps it shrunk this week or maybe the ingredients in either the sesame sauce or miso broth didn’t agree with me.  Either way, dinner was delicious!

breakfast- coconut water & mango green smoothy, lunch- brown rice, lettuce w/ sprouts, pesto, dinner- Shabu

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