commute brick

I’ve fallen into a great routine of leaving my house an hour early each morning and biking directly to the Presidio YMCA, which happens to be around the corner from our current rehearsal space. In biking to the gym then jumping directly on the treadmill, I’m back into brick workouts! They are mini but feel great and my legs are always slightly tired when I hop back on my bike to pedal the few blocks to work. After two days of treadmill intervals, I switched to running outside. The weather was too gorgeous to pass up a run on Crissy Field this morning.
Both treadmill days have been followed by lunging forward & backward down the hallway to the stretching room, then 10 minutes of core work. I’ve been doing handstands again since I love inversions and have been told to avoid headstands & final compression. On Thursday I kicked up against the wall, thought of lifting out of my shoulders and actually found myself balancing with both feet away from the wall!

This morning after locking my bags and bike at the gym, I ran directly to the Crissy Field Cafe to put in a sandwich order, doing squats and lunges while I waited in line. I then continued toward the promenade and ran into a wall of people beginning a Cystic Fibrosis walk, accompanied by bagpipes. Rather than weave my way through the crowd, I pulled off my shoes & socks and took off down the beach. East Beach is too steep to run for a long time but was fine for my intervals and my feet welcomed the cool sand. I returned to the cafe to pick up my sandwich, ran back to the gym and had 5 minutes left for glute and oblique exercises.

the workouts:

1. Treadmill intervals
:30 walk, 3:00 easy jog
:20 walk, 2:00 run
:10 walk, 1 min faster run
:30 walk, :30 sprint
repeat 3 or more times

2. Treadmill intervals- all speeds quicker than previous workout and each run interval faster than previous
:30 walk, 3:30 run
:30 walk, 2:30 run
:30 walk, 1:30 run
:30 walk, :30 sprint
repeat 3 or more time

3. Outdoor run
4 X 6-7 minute intervals, mix up speed, wind and sand

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