I woke up ready to get back on my bike this morning, so I texted a few friends to see if anyone wanted to do an easy ride into Sausalito but heard nothing back.  Then I called GC and tried to convince her to bike with me instead of running later as she’d planned to do.  I was informed that she was very comfy sitting in her warm apartment drinking tea and eating strawberries, and that I should look out the window.  I’d forgotten to do my morning yoga sequence and hadn’t looked out my sun room window to notice that the bridge was completely fogged in.  I wasn’t so enthusiastic about biking alone in the fog but since  I was already in my bike knickers, I decided to do a spin at the gym.  Once I’d adjusted the spin bike, with handlebars high so as not to strain my back or put too much weight on my arms, I settled into an easy warm-up and did a quick search for a spinning workout.  I came across “Our Best Cardio Workouts”  from Fitness magazine and found the cycling workout to be perfectly adaptable to my indoor spin.  Once I finished my workout I returned home to find one texted response to my morning bike buddy request:  11:34am  “I just woke up, sorry, next time”

the workout:

35 minute Cycling Speed workout    I focused mainly on keeping my cadence high but comfortable during all of the recovery phases and finished the workout feeling energetic!



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