Everyone woke up before me this morning and the girls already had a hiking plan in the works by the time I saw the messages on my phone.  With just enough time to fill my water bottle and eat an apricot,  I grabbed my  sunscreen and raced out the front door to wait for KM and Birch.  Two stops later we were heading over the GG bridge to find a trail not too far away.  GC flipped through the hiking book while RJ and I soothed Birch, who was overwhelmed by the excitement of so much company in the car.

We settled on a trail just outside Sausalito which connected with miles of Marin headlands trails and stripped off sweatshirts to enjoy the heat of the sunshine (finally!).   As we climbed, a couple mountain bikers passed us, then a couple cyclists with skinny tires zipped by on their descent (crazy riding road bikes on a trail!). We followed whomever was in the lead (usually Birch) and wandered along the dirt roads and trails until we reached the top of our hill, boasting incredible views from all sides.  The way down could have turned into an adventure if KM hadn’t spotted the horse before Birch saw him and taken control of the situation.  The beautiful tan horse’s rider exchanged pleasantries as they passed us and we snapped a few shots before making our way back down to the car.

A day with the girls wouldn’t be complete without a stop for coffee!  However, it was already lunch time so iced coffee was enjoyed with panini and salads under the orange umbrella outside Cibo.   What a fabulous morning!

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