spa day

This morning, 10 hours after I’d put my violin away last night, I took it out to practice some Siegfried spots before my day of relaxation began.  I almost got through all of the practice spots before I had to leave for my DMV appointment up north (also included in the pre-relaxation part of my day!).  I arrived in time for my appointment, waited 45 minutes more, then was finished 2 minutes after they finally called my name.  I scheduled the appointment in Marin instead of SF because the next available appointment here was late July, after my 30 day deadline for vehicle ownership transfer had passed (don’t know who came up with this brilliant system).

Once released from the stifling, gloomy room, I leisurely made my way down the road to my massage.  I’ve been seeing Jory of Marin Sports Massage for a few years and beside working with me through months of lower lumbar disc trouble, he has helped keep my shoulders and arms in playing shape.  Bonus today- after 3 days of feeling stuffy, I came out of my appointment and my ears finally popped!  As usual, I wandered back to my car in a daze, downing my entire water bottle.

Next spa appointment of the day:  sitting poolside in the afternoon sunshine with LP at the Marin JCC.  Actually, we sat in the shade most of the time even though I was slathered in sunscreen, but seeing the sunshine and feeling the surrounding heat was wonderfully relaxing.  We dipped into the pool, sat in the hot tub for a while, then began our laps.  I haven’t been in the pool for weeks and as soon as I immersed myself and began my first lap, a sense of peace washed over me.  I am more comfortable in the water than anywhere else; I am a pisces, after all.   My laps settled into a gentle rhythm, breaking now and then to chat, catch my breath and stretch.  I turned to kicking drills when my elbow reminded me why I’ve taken to so much time off from swimming, then tried it again just for good measure.  I ended my swim short of where I’d hoped to get, knowing it was smarter to stay ahead of the game with elbow pain than to overdo it and be sore later.  I rested poolside for a few more minutes, then plunged my way into horrible traffic most of the way home.

the workout:

800 meter swim

300m mixed strokes, 300m kicking drills, 100m mixed strokes, 100m kicking drills


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