building mileage

I’m back on my bike again and it feels great! I aim to keep it that way by building up slowly instead of testing out speed and distance like I did when I first became acquainted with my Supersix.
Now that I’m in the swing of things with Ring Cycle performances I know what kind of energy I need for each show and how to prepare myself any given day. Both my back and elbow are feeling good, and I continue to do my core exercises regularly, go to PT once a week, and get frequent massages/acupuncture treatments.

I began my latest return to cycling on Sunday with a ride to the farmers market, then later decided it was too nice of a day to get in the car so I rode to work. I almost ran down a skateboarder in the park trying to inconspicuously snap a picture of him. He was sporting a fluorescent green speedo and nothing else! When the ride home following a 5 1/2 hr Götterdämmerung still felt okay, I knew I was back in riding condition!

Monday morning was gorgeous again so GC & I did a beach ride. We were fortunate to find The Great Highway closed to cars and only had to dodge one tractor removing sand from the road. I felt stuffy and tired the entire way but we took it easy and the sunshine did me good!

On Tuesday morning I felt like a new person and was ready to tackle the Sausalito hill. JG instigated this ride, calling ahead the night before and even agreeing to an early ride (defined: starting before noon). Nothing like a new bike for motivation! He (on his new bike) and RJ were eagerly waiting for me at the top of Arguello when I rolled up 15 minutes late after another tax related phone call that took too long. We decided not to overdo it since two of us hadn’t ridden much lately and went only as far as Sausalito. Unfortunately there was loud construction outside Cibo and we had to sit inside but the breeze was warm and we were all thrilled to be there. Fresh strawberry lemonade was the perfect fuel and I powered my way up out of Sausalito. (Or maybe it was my competitive side, not wanted JG to beat me!). Either way, I topped the hill feeling great and after an easy pedal home, had just enough time to stretch and shower before acupuncture.

total mileage: 28, mostly easy effort and checking in frequently with back & elbow


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