mixing it up in the pool

My swim today was quite different from last week’s outdoor swim in the sun.  I entered the Presidio pool lobby and was greeted by the familiar smell of chlorine, which didn’t bother me, but the pool was cold! All the more reason to get moving quickly.
I mixed kicking drills to give my arms a rest with freestyle executed with fists. I noticed that I needed to use more of my core muscles to roll hip to hip when I didn’t have the resistance my cupped hands usually offer.  When swimming with  fists, I focused on using forearm and upper arm to “grab” the water.  I alternated back stroke and regular freestyle to vary resistance and muscles, putting the majority of the work into my shoulders instead of arms in back stroke.

the workout: 900 yard swim

200 yd warm up, mixed strokes

200 yd  alternating 25 yd kicking/ 25 yd freestyle w/ fists, L7, RI:10

100 yd easy breast stroke

200 yd alternating 25 yd back/ 25 yd freestyle, L5, RI:10

200 yd cool down, mixed strokes


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