roller coaster

Running uphill, into the wind, away from the sun seemed counter-intuitive to me this morning, but as I’ve mentioned many times before, combining exercise with food and friends is a top priority!  KM was stationed at Simple Pleasures and running there to meet her for a cup of tea seemed liked a great idea when I made the plan from my sunny kitchen.  I decided on the most direct and hilly route straight down Balboa since I was only going a short distance.  The Balboa bus line is my favorite in the neighborhood because it’s slightly reminiscent of a roller coaster; every other street is up and down, and the drivers treat the stop signs merely as suggestions.  Running the street wasn’t nearly as enjoyable but it got me to my destination, only slightly winded.  After a long cup of tea I excused myself to run home and clean the house.  The fun never ends today.  At least the run home was with a tail wind and back into the sunshine!  I was feeling a little pull in my right shin at the end of pounding the pavement so I made sure to do my toe-heel walks.  Now I must get to core exercises and cleaning!

the workout: 2 miles, quick paced, hilly

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