chicago heat

I can’t count the number of times I said “I wish I lived in Chicago!” this past weekend, but now that I’m home, I’m happy to be back.  I biked to work today in the sunshine with RJ, stopping at Papalote for tasty burritos on the way home, and the only thing disagreeable was my soreness from yesterday’s ride!

My husband, sister and I rented bikes from Milleneum park in Chicago yesterday morning and decided to bike north along the lake path.  Our destination was “somewhere for brunch”.  I realized, as I became hotter, more uncomfortable on the uncomfortable seat and hungrier that “somewhere for brunch” wasn’t a sufficient destination for me.  We turned around at the top with the intention of finding brunch very soon.  We found what turned out to be the slowest diner ever!  I wouldn’t have minded the wait if we’d been warned it would be an hour before our food arrived, but at least we’d had enough sense to order a delicious cookies & cream milkshake as an appetizer  🙂  The ride itself was mostly delightful and we enjoyed an urban beauty different from that at home.  It felt a little Santa Monica boardwalk-esque to me, but with a more diverse crowd and a gorgeous skyline for a backdrop.  We were jealous of the people swimming as the temperature continued to creep up, and I was relieved to be out of the sun once we returned to our hotel.

It was much hotter yesterday than it had been Saturday when we went for an early-ish morning run heading South on the lake.  We were all exhausted on Friday night and went to bed fairly early, so a 7:30 wakeup didn’t feel horrible.  I ordered several walk breaks throughout our run and carried my water bottle so as not to overheat.  It was definitely easier getting through the run with friends!  I’m not sure what I’ll do now that my sister is home in NY and my husband is at work.  Guess it’s back to the gym for now…

the workouts:

4 mile run with plenty of walking breaks, lake michigan

15 mile bike ride along lake path, “fitness bikes”, leisurely ride with brunch in the middle

8 mile bike round trip to work, 8.1 miles, ave 9mph


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