another 1/2 mile

1/2 mile seems to be my lucky number in the pool these days.  On Saturday, then again on Monday, my husband and I visited the pool and I swam an easy 900 yards.  Both days, I pushed myself to actually get my heart pumping and felt great afterward.  Today, after approximately 48 hours at altitude, I swam another 1/2 mile, resting every 50 yards at first, then gradually forgetting to stop, as my mind went elsewhere.  I’m certain my speed was slower than usual but at 7,000 feet I wasn’t gasping for air as I’d expected.

I’m visiting friends in Santa Fe, seeing opera and spending the rest of the time walking and eating with MC.  We usually have the same agenda with both activities and we’re squeezing in time for mid-afternoon naps and practice sessions.  Today I decided to split my rest time between a short after-lunch nap and a swim.  (Life is rough!)  I felt more energized than I have since I arrived and my lungs finally seem to be regulating.  I plan to go back to the pool tomorrow morning for another 1/2 mile!

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