getting buff

I walked all over the place to run errands today and decided to stop at the gym on my way home and get buff.  Not that I truly believe my 5 lb dumbbells are going to turn me into a bodybuilder but I have to start somewhere, right?  (Just to clarify, I’m not actually trying to become a bodybuilder, just redefine some of the muscles I used to have before triathlon took over my life!)  Speaking of triathlon, I did all three sports in the past three days!  We biked across town Saturday to run errands and find the sunshine (it was just past Park Presidio).  Besides, we knew if we moved the car, some lucky attendee of the Outside Lands festival would snatch our space, not to be recovered until midnight.  We racked up 11 miles and saved 1/4 galon of gas!  On Sunday we ventured back to the Presidio pool but I was dismayed to find that the pump hadn’t actually been fixed yet and the water was still freezing.  After 600 cold yards, I called it a day and excused myself to the warmth of the shower.  I’m not going back until I have confirmation of warmer temperatures!  Today’s walk was brisk, much like what I would do instead of running at the end of a long triathlon 🙂 and I found myself out of breath as I raced to my appointment while chatting on the phone.  So I’ll call it aerobic.

the workout: exercises at the gym

bosu right-side up for 1 foot balance, upside down for two foot balance and squats while doing various exercises: shoulder press, lat raise front and side, curls,

one leg lunge and balance back and forth with shoulder press

core- quadriped regular & with one leg extended w/ opposite arm tri curl, side and regular plank

leg raises lying on side angled in front of body, parallel & back

fly machine- forward lunge w/ 2 arm chest press, one arm back fly

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