goggles and peaches

I love being part of the morning rush hour mob downtown.  That’s probably because I’m usually heading to the gym, not rushing to work, wearing a suit, like everyone else.  I’m not taking my chances with the Presidio pool’s broken pump and the Embarcadero Y’s pool is generally warmer anyway, so swimming downtown sounded perfect to me last night when I set my alarm for 7:30 am in order to wake up and catch the last express bus.  This morning when the alarm went off, it seemed like a less perfect idea but I got up and made my oatmeal anyway, then joined my husband on the bus.  My purse held goggles & swim cap, a cosmetics bag, flip-flops, an empty egg carton & produce bags- a far cry from the laptops and ipads surrounding me!

The water was pleasant enough that I actually stood in it while adjusting my goggles, then swam a leisurely few laps instead of sprinting my warm-up like last Sunday.  I didn’t have tons of time because I wanted to stop at the farmers market on my way to rehearsal, so I watched the clock and almost reached my goal of 1 kilometer.  I’m happy I saved time for the market because cling peaches are only in season a few weeks longer and I’ve been craving lychees since I polished off last week’s batch!

the workout: 850 meter swim

200 warm up mixed strokes

100 kicking drills/ 100 pull

200 backstroke (I thought longingly back to high school swim team days when 200 back was my event and I could do back flip-turns!)

100 kicking drills/ 100 pull

50 breast stroke warm down

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