running again

I ran again today!  It feels as though it has been months since I put on my running shoes, but until a few days ago I didn’t miss it so I saw no reason to do it.  I went directly from my acupuncture appointment (not painful and no weird reactions this week) to the gym and took my time getting to the treadmill.  I had only 15 minutes before yoga but thought a mile would be the perfect way to ease back into it.  I alternated running and walking every 30 seconds so the mile took ridiculously long, but I did it and felt good afterward!  I then attended a yoga class (another first in a very long time) that my friend and favorite teacher taught.  I hope she doesn’t mind if I repeat (and probably mis-quote) something she said that stuck with me.  We were in mountain pose and she spoke about how she loves the mountains because they are not only majestically grounding but connected to the sky, cosmos, heavens…  My thoughts exactly.  I feel so centered and peaceful when I am in the mountains and I’m going to think of this meaning every time I stand in Tadasana from now on!   The class was challenging for me but I loved spending an hour of my day in such a spiritual, warm environment.

As usual, I missed recording anything about the weekend, but hit another milestone on Saturday in the pool as I swam over 1/2 mile with no trouble.  My motto was slow and steady, which helped me complete 1000 yds with no trouble.  Yesterday we went in search of the sun and found it in North Beach.  We walked through beautiful neighborhoods, exploring city stairs covered in vines.  I had a hard time walking back up and over the hills, eating my gelato, but survived, only suffering sore calves today!


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