sprinklers in the mist

This morning it’s finally sunny.  Yesterday it was not, but I was so determined to ride my Supersix again that I bundled up and went for a ride anyway.  Horrible idea!  It was windy, cold and wet getting to the park, then at the park entrance, the sprinklers were going (even though the fog was so heavy it was raining!) and I couldn’t avoid being sprayed.  I made it to the beach, which was fairly empty because everyone else had been smart enough to stay home, and glanced at the water briefly.  Beautiful, as always, but too cold to hang around.  I rode back up the park, taking the long way home to get a little extra riding in, then immediately jumped into the shower because, not only was I freezing, but I was running late.  New record: 20 minutes to shower, get dressed, pack lunch & prepare everything for crock pot Moroccan chicken.  Dinner was waiting when I came home 9 hours later!

the workout: 5 mile bike ride- thinking only about the miserable weather

Today I’m pre-posting my workout because I’m going to swim on my 2 hour dinner break.  The plan is to take the train to the Embarcadero Y and do 1 kilometer, then grab dinner at the Ferry building on my way back.  Wish me luck!

the workout: 1000 meters

200 m warm up, mixed strokes

200 m breast stroke, alt sprint & easy each 25m

200 m freestyle, alt sprint & easy each 25m

200 m back stroke, alt sprint & easy each 25m

200 m cool down, mixed strokes

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