perfect morning

I slept until almost 9am this morning then drank a glass of oj and settled onto my yoga mat in the sunroom.  Today’s choice was one of my new DVDs, a practice for each trimester created by a yogi mother of five.  If anyone knows what sort of yogic preparation is helpful for childbirth, it’s a woman who’s done it five times!  I did the second trimester practice, ignoring some of the modifications that are not yet necessary for me, and finished a few minutes before 10.  I ate a very quick breakfast, smeared on sunscreen, filled a water bottle and waited for my friend to arrive.   We wandered into the park and walked a big loop, which included climbing to the top of Strawberry hill where we enjoyed a view of the bay and the ocean.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperature was a perfect 70.  By the time I returned home 1 1/2 hours later, I was actually a little worn out from walking and was feeling the heat.  I drank more water as I stretched on my yoga mat, and am about to tackle some unpacking before I bike to the Haight farmers market!

hour in the park

Both yesterday and today I took short walks in the park for some low impact exercise and fresh air.  After not doing anything over the weekend beside eating and working, I needed to move again.  Living near a different park entrance is exciting and feels like I’ve got a new park at my fingertips to explore!  I found trails yesterday I’d never been on before and today enjoyed a walk I’m very familiar with down the main strip.  I really wanted to run today but as soon as I started walking my stomach began hurting.  It was uncomfortable- as if I’d just eaten a big meal, even though I’d had a light lunch 2 hours before!  My headache returned also, so I took it easy, drank water and called it quits early.  I had my first prenatal massage this afternoon and I think I’m feeling the after effects of a good massage that got my energy flowing but left me a little out of whack.  I’ve got two hours to pull it together before tonight’s show!

14 minutes & 1/4 mile

I’ve finally come out of the exhausted haze of the past several weeks and my energy is almost back to normal!  I don’t have the aerobic capacity I did before I was pregnant but there’s no need to push myself now.  I am enjoying shorter, less intese spurts of physical activity, which often include doing something practical not just exercising.

We now live less than 7 minutes away from the new Whole Foods (only by bike… it takes longer to drive there).  The ride is completely in the park and very pleasant!  This morning I rode over to return a jug and pick up a fresh gallon of our favorite Strauss Creamery milk.  My husband can’t live without it for his weekend lattes and late night chocolate fixes and I indulge occasionally even though I’m preferring coconut milk these days.  Of course I never come out of there with only one item, but I kept it minimal today since I was riding, including whole wheat flour for the pumpkin bread I want to make and almonds for quick snacks.  The ride home took slightly longer because there were more people and traffic in my way, plus balance was a little trickier with groceries only on one side of my bike.  I was pleased to be out in the sun and enjoying the fresh air for a few minutes!

This afternoon I drove to the pool and found myself a spot in a sunny lane.  I love the high windows at the Presidio Y because if I’m there at just the right time, sunshine spreads across the pool and I can pretend I’m swimming in an outdoor pool, minus the chilly air when I get out.  I felt like my breathing wasn’t as deep as it sometimes is but I swam slowly and didn’t get winded during my quarter mile swim.  I felt that was enough for today, after yoga and my short ride this morning.  Plus, I’ve got a show to play tonight and wanted to save my arms!


Every one of my prenatal yoga DVDs has a few balancing poses, which the instructors do holding on to backs of chairs.  Even though my belly is slowly starting to expand, my balance luckily hasn’t been affected yet.  I’m just as stable in tree and dancer poses as I always was.  Translate this to biking and it means I’m still totally comfortable riding outside on my Supersix.  I look forward to taking advantage of this for slow in-park rides as long as the weather stays beautiful and I feel stable!  My normal short ride to the beach is slightly longer since we moved, but my our house is very near the best biking entrance to the park.

There was no reason not to exercise outside this morning, so I geared up, filled my water bottle, checked my tires and carried my very light bike down one very short flight of stairs (another improvement from the old house!).  The temperature was perfect and after riding to the beach I had enough time to hang out and look at the water for a few minutes.  I took a photo for a very happy couple visiting from Puerto Rico and wondered if they had any idea how lucky they were to find sunshine and heat at the beach!  I got a little competitive on the way back up the park as an entire team of shirtless college cross-country runners started up the hill at the same pace as I was riding.  No way was I going to let runners beat me!  I did reach the top before them (slightly) but once I was back on flat, I easily left them in the dust.  Supersix rides so smooth…

vitamin D

What gorgeous weather we’ve had here lately!  Sunny and 70… perfect for soaking up tons of vitamin D.  Yesterday morning we decided to lengthen our ride to the farmers market by a few miles and visit the beach first.  I began pedaling and realized my knees were wide out to the sides because something was making my belly uncomfortable when I pedaled with knees forward.  I peeled off a layer of shorts so I was just wearing bike shorts and was immediately able to pedal normally again.  Gotta watch anything that’s not stretchy these days!  I also took my jacket off but decided quickly that I had been overly ambitious on the downhill direction with the ocean breeze still a little chilly.  The water was gorgeous, as always, and I’m sure the beach filled up later in the day because the temperatures rarely get this warm around here!  We paused only briefly then rode back up the park and across to the Sunset market.  I loaded up my bike bag with delicious fruits and veggies then went home to get ready for work.

This morning after doing a little house organization, I drove to Crissy Field for a walk.  I kept my pace quick and before too long I decided to jog for a while.  It felt great but I set a landmark stopping point to rest and check-in with my body.  After a short walk, I picked another landmark and jogged again.  I did this for the entire hour I was out there and on the way back I noticed thick dark fog beginning to roll in under the bridge.  The cramp I’d been experiencing on and off all day today actually subsided during my jogging portions!  I watched in passing as a wedding was set up on my favorite area of the beach, wondering how the bride would get down the long sandy path.  I decided the best solution was to ride in a bike messenger carriage.  Hopefully the wedding beat the fog and they didn’t all end up freezing out there!


anticipating an afternoon swim

I’m pre-posting another swim workout.  It worked so well to motivate me last time that I see no reason not to do it again!  I’ve got a two hour break in the middle of a seven hour rehearsal day, which is just enough time to take the train downtown and swim at the Embarcadero Y.  These days I prefer when work is split between morning rehearsals and evening performances because I’m still so tired that I like to fit in an afternoon nap, but I woke up tired enough this morning that I’m going to take a late morning nap before heading to work!

I’ll have about 1/2 hour to swim, so I should be able to fit 1 kilometer in without a problem.

the workout: 1000 yds

200 warm up, mixed strokes

100 kicking drills, no kickboard because it strains my back

100 breast stroke, EZ

200 freestyle, alternating 25 push w/ 25 EZ

200 back stroke, L7

200 cool down

new beginnings

It has been a really long time since I sat down to write about a workout.  I’ve kept up with swimming and bike rides to work, but my biggest workout lately was moving to a new house this weekend.  In reality, my husband did most of the work, with help from our friends, since I’m not supposed to be overexerting myself or lifting anything heavy.  I felt fairly useless but still exhausted from what I did do!  Now that we’re fully in our new house, I’m looking forward to getting settled and cooking at home again!

This morning I took a break and treated myself to a new class at the JCC.  My friend had mentioned they have prenatal water aerobics and since I love being in the water, I figured I’d check it out.  I was by far the least pregnant in the class, at only 14 weeks, but I got an excellent, full-body workout.  The class reminded me somewhat of the water running classes I’ve taken at the Y, only there were far fewer people and the workout was much more focused.  I worked all of the kinks out of my hips and back and was overly ambitious using the larger water dumbbells.  At the end of class, we stretched in the warm pool, then I swam a few laps since I was already at the pool.   I can’t wait to go back next week!