anticipating an afternoon swim

I’m pre-posting another swim workout.  It worked so well to motivate me last time that I see no reason not to do it again!  I’ve got a two hour break in the middle of a seven hour rehearsal day, which is just enough time to take the train downtown and swim at the Embarcadero Y.  These days I prefer when work is split between morning rehearsals and evening performances because I’m still so tired that I like to fit in an afternoon nap, but I woke up tired enough this morning that I’m going to take a late morning nap before heading to work!

I’ll have about 1/2 hour to swim, so I should be able to fit 1 kilometer in without a problem.

the workout: 1000 yds

200 warm up, mixed strokes

100 kicking drills, no kickboard because it strains my back

100 breast stroke, EZ

200 freestyle, alternating 25 push w/ 25 EZ

200 back stroke, L7

200 cool down

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