vitamin D

What gorgeous weather we’ve had here lately!  Sunny and 70… perfect for soaking up tons of vitamin D.  Yesterday morning we decided to lengthen our ride to the farmers market by a few miles and visit the beach first.  I began pedaling and realized my knees were wide out to the sides because something was making my belly uncomfortable when I pedaled with knees forward.  I peeled off a layer of shorts so I was just wearing bike shorts and was immediately able to pedal normally again.  Gotta watch anything that’s not stretchy these days!  I also took my jacket off but decided quickly that I had been overly ambitious on the downhill direction with the ocean breeze still a little chilly.  The water was gorgeous, as always, and I’m sure the beach filled up later in the day because the temperatures rarely get this warm around here!  We paused only briefly then rode back up the park and across to the Sunset market.  I loaded up my bike bag with delicious fruits and veggies then went home to get ready for work.

This morning after doing a little house organization, I drove to Crissy Field for a walk.  I kept my pace quick and before too long I decided to jog for a while.  It felt great but I set a landmark stopping point to rest and check-in with my body.  After a short walk, I picked another landmark and jogged again.  I did this for the entire hour I was out there and on the way back I noticed thick dark fog beginning to roll in under the bridge.  The cramp I’d been experiencing on and off all day today actually subsided during my jogging portions!  I watched in passing as a wedding was set up on my favorite area of the beach, wondering how the bride would get down the long sandy path.  I decided the best solution was to ride in a bike messenger carriage.  Hopefully the wedding beat the fog and they didn’t all end up freezing out there!


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