Every one of my prenatal yoga DVDs has a few balancing poses, which the instructors do holding on to backs of chairs.  Even though my belly is slowly starting to expand, my balance luckily hasn’t been affected yet.  I’m just as stable in tree and dancer poses as I always was.  Translate this to biking and it means I’m still totally comfortable riding outside on my Supersix.  I look forward to taking advantage of this for slow in-park rides as long as the weather stays beautiful and I feel stable!  My normal short ride to the beach is slightly longer since we moved, but my our house is very near the best biking entrance to the park.

There was no reason not to exercise outside this morning, so I geared up, filled my water bottle, checked my tires and carried my very light bike down one very short flight of stairs (another improvement from the old house!).  The temperature was perfect and after riding to the beach I had enough time to hang out and look at the water for a few minutes.  I took a photo for a very happy couple visiting from Puerto Rico and wondered if they had any idea how lucky they were to find sunshine and heat at the beach!  I got a little competitive on the way back up the park as an entire team of shirtless college cross-country runners started up the hill at the same pace as I was riding.  No way was I going to let runners beat me!  I did reach the top before them (slightly) but once I was back on flat, I easily left them in the dust.  Supersix rides so smooth…


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