14 minutes & 1/4 mile

I’ve finally come out of the exhausted haze of the past several weeks and my energy is almost back to normal!  I don’t have the aerobic capacity I did before I was pregnant but there’s no need to push myself now.  I am enjoying shorter, less intese spurts of physical activity, which often include doing something practical not just exercising.

We now live less than 7 minutes away from the new Whole Foods (only by bike… it takes longer to drive there).  The ride is completely in the park and very pleasant!  This morning I rode over to return a jug and pick up a fresh gallon of our favorite Strauss Creamery milk.  My husband can’t live without it for his weekend lattes and late night chocolate fixes and I indulge occasionally even though I’m preferring coconut milk these days.  Of course I never come out of there with only one item, but I kept it minimal today since I was riding, including whole wheat flour for the pumpkin bread I want to make and almonds for quick snacks.  The ride home took slightly longer because there were more people and traffic in my way, plus balance was a little trickier with groceries only on one side of my bike.  I was pleased to be out in the sun and enjoying the fresh air for a few minutes!

This afternoon I drove to the pool and found myself a spot in a sunny lane.  I love the high windows at the Presidio Y because if I’m there at just the right time, sunshine spreads across the pool and I can pretend I’m swimming in an outdoor pool, minus the chilly air when I get out.  I felt like my breathing wasn’t as deep as it sometimes is but I swam slowly and didn’t get winded during my quarter mile swim.  I felt that was enough for today, after yoga and my short ride this morning.  Plus, I’ve got a show to play tonight and wanted to save my arms!


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