hour in the park

Both yesterday and today I took short walks in the park for some low impact exercise and fresh air.  After not doing anything over the weekend beside eating and working, I needed to move again.  Living near a different park entrance is exciting and feels like I’ve got a new park at my fingertips to explore!  I found trails yesterday I’d never been on before and today enjoyed a walk I’m very familiar with down the main strip.  I really wanted to run today but as soon as I started walking my stomach began hurting.  It was uncomfortable- as if I’d just eaten a big meal, even though I’d had a light lunch 2 hours before!  My headache returned also, so I took it easy, drank water and called it quits early.  I had my first prenatal massage this afternoon and I think I’m feeling the after effects of a good massage that got my energy flowing but left me a little out of whack.  I’ve got two hours to pull it together before tonight’s show!


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