perfect morning

I slept until almost 9am this morning then drank a glass of oj and settled onto my yoga mat in the sunroom.  Today’s choice was one of my new DVDs, a practice for each trimester created by a yogi mother of five.  If anyone knows what sort of yogic preparation is helpful for childbirth, it’s a woman who’s done it five times!  I did the second trimester practice, ignoring some of the modifications that are not yet necessary for me, and finished a few minutes before 10.  I ate a very quick breakfast, smeared on sunscreen, filled a water bottle and waited for my friend to arrive.   We wandered into the park and walked a big loop, which included climbing to the top of Strawberry hill where we enjoyed a view of the bay and the ocean.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperature was a perfect 70.  By the time I returned home 1 1/2 hours later, I was actually a little worn out from walking and was feeling the heat.  I drank more water as I stretched on my yoga mat, and am about to tackle some unpacking before I bike to the Haight farmers market!

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