mixing it up

Once again I seem to be finding a million other things to fill my time instead of blogging. Fortunately these other things not only include working and Baby prep, but working out and resting. This past week I’ve been unusually tired again- a result of not sleeping long enough at night because my hips are uncomfortable. I’ve tailored my workouts to accommodate this and a new discomfort in my right side, probably due to strained ligaments in my growing belly.
Ironically, I finally found a belt that offers enough support to run comfortably. I’ve tried it only once but it was by far my easiest jog in quite a while and I can’t wait for renewed energy to run again!
My swimming stamina continues to increase. I’m still swimming just half a mile each time I get into the pool but instead of 3 sets of 300 yards, I’m doing 2 sets 450 yards, split into 150 of each stroke (free,breast, back).
Finally, I went to two more prenatal classes this week: a yoga class at Yoga Tree yesterday and a water running class at the JCC this morning. I figured since I wasn’t sleeping anyway, moving around in the water might offer relief to my hips. I was right! I came out of the class feeling energized and like I’d gotten a complete, full body workout. Water can be a tricky place to gage workout intensity since I don’t sweat but I always listen to my body and follow my breathing so I don’t overdo it!

chaos in the pool

I totally forgot that most business people take a lunch break at noon and was dismayed to find the Embarcadero pool crowded when I showed up for today’s swim.  I joined 4 other people in a lane and tried to figure out each person’s pace.  Nobody else seemed to notice what the others were doing, so one would start a lap with a kick board and the next would attempt a sprint, getting frustrated midway through the lap and turning around in the middle of the pool.  Between my lanes and those on either side, I felt as though I was swimming in an unpredictable ocean, taking in mouthfuls of water when doing back or breaststroke.  At one point my butt was grabbed by a passer-by and during another lap, my elbow whacked.  Both accidental but still annoying.  I stuck with it for my half mile even though the slightly warmer water temperature really bothered me today.  Next time, it’s back to the Presidio during aerobics hour- when nobody else knows there’s a free lap lane!

the workout: 800 meter swim

200 free

200 alternating back & breastroke

200 free

200 alternating back & breastroke

biking to the DMV

The irony was not lost on me this morning as I biked to the DMV to get a new drivers license.  I just couldn’t see getting in the car to go a mile when I could bike straight through the park and down the panhandle.  I hadn’t been on my bike for a couple of weeks and wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but my balance is still fine and the belly isn’t big enough to get in the way yet.  After waiting an hour for my appointment (with a crowd of angry people who’d been there since before the computer system went down) I handed my form and money to the clerk and got a temporary license with my new address.  That finished, I decided to do the rest of my errands by bike also.  I pulled out a bike map to pick a flat route with a bike lane but found none, so I picked streets with less traffic and fewer hills.  I did discover new bike lanes, hills I didn’t know existed and “bike routes” which aren’t at all safe for bikers because of heavy traffic.  I also found that I can still make it up the hills, although they take a little more effort than they used to.  I concluded my errands with a stop by Whole Foods.  All I needed was milk, but the chocolate milk also looked so enticing that I bought a pint to go with my lunch salad and downed it before hopping back on my bike and riding home.

the workout: 7.2 miles, few hills

a weekend mile

After another run/walk accompanied by my sisters on Wednesday and a couple of short walks Thursday, I decided to go back to the pool yesterday. I tied my suit bottom firmly in place and enjoyed an entire swim without sharing my lane. I took advantage of not needing to stop and let people pass by doing 300 yard increments. 900 yards flew by this way and I enjoyed my workout so much I repeated it today. Another bonus- I sat through yesterday’s rehearsal with no back or leg pain. I love swimming!

the workout: 900 yd swim
300 yds x 3, RI:30
50 yd cool down

Each 300 broken into 100 freestyle, 100 breast stroke, 100 back stroke

catching up

So many days have passed since my last entry and the ironic thing is, I’ve been working out more lately than before!  I had one slow day in the past week when I got on an elliptical trainer and felt too overheated to continue.  I left the gym and came home to sleep for an hour!  Otherwise, I’ve been feeling energetic and healthy, both before and after workouts.

3 half hour run/walks: My stamina is returning and although my three months off certainly affected my aerobic capacity, if I take it easy, I can still run!  I did the first of these runs on my own, meandering through the park, the second with my husband and the third with my sisters.  I appreciated having running buddies and helped them get better workouts by always saying what my next walking landmark was so they could either sprint to it or continue forward then loop back and pick me up.  I noticed that even by the third run of the week, my run portions were lasting longer than my walk portions and I was feeling as though I could be out longer.  I’m drinking tons of electro-mix and supporting my belly with clothing as best I can.  Two times now, the sides of my belly have felt a little bruised to the touch at the end of running days, so I finally found a support belt I think will work nicely as I grow.

25 minute gym express: On Friday I really wanted to run in the park but it was raining, so my husband and I drove to the Embarcadero Y so we’d both be close to work afterward.  Unfortunately, the parking meter we found wouldn’t take a credit card or parking card, so I became exasperated and went to the gym while he ran around getting money and change for the meter.  By the time I finally reached the gym floor, I had 25 minutes before I needed to shower.  I hopped on an elliptical trainer and set it to intervals with very low resistance.  I monitored my heart rate and level of exertion closely since I was a little warm working out inside.  After 20 minutes, I switched to 5 minutes of lunges, squats, push-ups and quadruped bird-dog.  Great workout in a short amount of time!

900 yard swim: Yep, I can swim a half mile easily again, but what I once did in 14-17 minutes is now taking me a good 25.  Oh well!  I purchased a new bikini speedo to give the belly growing room since the maternity swimwear I’ve seen doesn’t actually look like it would function for swimming laps.  I did manage to almost lose my bottoms 3 times before it occurred to me to pull the drawstring tighter.  Call it pregnancy brain…

quick 900

I went to the pool this morning determined to workout with a specific goal.  It was aerobics hour at the pool so only one lap lane was open and I split it with a girl much faster than myself.  After completing a few laps, we were joined by a fast guy.  My goal quickly became getting to the other side without holding one of them up!  Through my entire swim I didn’t complete more than one or two laps without pausing to let one of them pass.  My biggest pet peeve in the water is sharing a lane with somebody who’s slower than me but doesn’t realize it to let me pass.  I am determined never to be that person!  At one point as I was hugging the wall, I caught a glimpse of the guy’s swim cap and nearly laughed out loud.  Hawaii Ironman.  I was swimming with the big fish today.  I think it was the most polite group of people I’ve ever shared a lane with and at one point we were all crowded on one side offering the others to go first.  That never happens.

I definitely pushed myself harder than I’ve been doing in the pool lately and it felt great.  I was tired by the end of my half mile but not overheated (yay for exercising in the water!) and was thinking the entire time that getting my heart pumping also meant strengthening my baby’s heart!

the workout: 1/2 mile swim

300 freestyle warmup

100 back stroke

100 breast stroke

100 back stroke

300 freestyle, cool down on last 100

dirt vs pavement

After seeing a race finishing near Crissy Field yesterday, I was craving a run this morning.  Luckily I got out of the house early enough to beat the rain!  After a short warm-up, I alternated between walking and running, making loops around my new area of the park.  There are fewer dirt trails at this end and I’m undecided as to whether I should seek them out or stick to the pavement.  On one hand, the trails, which are always better for joints, are probably especially good for my pregnancy joints right now.  On the other hand, I’m being extremely careful about my footing these days to avoid a fall and although the pavement does sometimes jump up and trip me, it’s a little safer than dirt and rocks!   I run/walked for 45 minutes before deciding I’d had enough and went home to
my breakfast of champions.  I toasted left-over challah french toast and for an added nutritional boost topped it with cottage cheese, strawberries, flax meal and maple syrup.  Yum!   Of course I’d intended to do my yoga as soon as I walked in the door, but I was too hungry, then got caught up in e-mails.  I finally stretched while video chatting with my friend across the ocean.  I’ll fit the yoga in before dinner!