quick 900

I went to the pool this morning determined to workout with a specific goal.  It was aerobics hour at the pool so only one lap lane was open and I split it with a girl much faster than myself.  After completing a few laps, we were joined by a fast guy.  My goal quickly became getting to the other side without holding one of them up!  Through my entire swim I didn’t complete more than one or two laps without pausing to let one of them pass.  My biggest pet peeve in the water is sharing a lane with somebody who’s slower than me but doesn’t realize it to let me pass.  I am determined never to be that person!  At one point as I was hugging the wall, I caught a glimpse of the guy’s swim cap and nearly laughed out loud.  Hawaii Ironman.  I was swimming with the big fish today.  I think it was the most polite group of people I’ve ever shared a lane with and at one point we were all crowded on one side offering the others to go first.  That never happens.

I definitely pushed myself harder than I’ve been doing in the pool lately and it felt great.  I was tired by the end of my half mile but not overheated (yay for exercising in the water!) and was thinking the entire time that getting my heart pumping also meant strengthening my baby’s heart!

the workout: 1/2 mile swim

300 freestyle warmup

100 back stroke

100 breast stroke

100 back stroke

300 freestyle, cool down on last 100

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