catching up

So many days have passed since my last entry and the ironic thing is, I’ve been working out more lately than before!  I had one slow day in the past week when I got on an elliptical trainer and felt too overheated to continue.  I left the gym and came home to sleep for an hour!  Otherwise, I’ve been feeling energetic and healthy, both before and after workouts.

3 half hour run/walks: My stamina is returning and although my three months off certainly affected my aerobic capacity, if I take it easy, I can still run!  I did the first of these runs on my own, meandering through the park, the second with my husband and the third with my sisters.  I appreciated having running buddies and helped them get better workouts by always saying what my next walking landmark was so they could either sprint to it or continue forward then loop back and pick me up.  I noticed that even by the third run of the week, my run portions were lasting longer than my walk portions and I was feeling as though I could be out longer.  I’m drinking tons of electro-mix and supporting my belly with clothing as best I can.  Two times now, the sides of my belly have felt a little bruised to the touch at the end of running days, so I finally found a support belt I think will work nicely as I grow.

25 minute gym express: On Friday I really wanted to run in the park but it was raining, so my husband and I drove to the Embarcadero Y so we’d both be close to work afterward.  Unfortunately, the parking meter we found wouldn’t take a credit card or parking card, so I became exasperated and went to the gym while he ran around getting money and change for the meter.  By the time I finally reached the gym floor, I had 25 minutes before I needed to shower.  I hopped on an elliptical trainer and set it to intervals with very low resistance.  I monitored my heart rate and level of exertion closely since I was a little warm working out inside.  After 20 minutes, I switched to 5 minutes of lunges, squats, push-ups and quadruped bird-dog.  Great workout in a short amount of time!

900 yard swim: Yep, I can swim a half mile easily again, but what I once did in 14-17 minutes is now taking me a good 25.  Oh well!  I purchased a new bikini speedo to give the belly growing room since the maternity swimwear I’ve seen doesn’t actually look like it would function for swimming laps.  I did manage to almost lose my bottoms 3 times before it occurred to me to pull the drawstring tighter.  Call it pregnancy brain…


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