chaos in the pool

I totally forgot that most business people take a lunch break at noon and was dismayed to find the Embarcadero pool crowded when I showed up for today’s swim.  I joined 4 other people in a lane and tried to figure out each person’s pace.  Nobody else seemed to notice what the others were doing, so one would start a lap with a kick board and the next would attempt a sprint, getting frustrated midway through the lap and turning around in the middle of the pool.  Between my lanes and those on either side, I felt as though I was swimming in an unpredictable ocean, taking in mouthfuls of water when doing back or breaststroke.  At one point my butt was grabbed by a passer-by and during another lap, my elbow whacked.  Both accidental but still annoying.  I stuck with it for my half mile even though the slightly warmer water temperature really bothered me today.  Next time, it’s back to the Presidio during aerobics hour- when nobody else knows there’s a free lap lane!

the workout: 800 meter swim

200 free

200 alternating back & breastroke

200 free

200 alternating back & breastroke


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