gaining strength

The cold weather moved in today and my swim class was cancelled this morning (which I discovered after I’d risen early to get to the pool!), so after my afternoon nap I pulled out my new prenatal workout DVD.  I watched the instructions, put on running shoes, flipped my yoga mat to floor-side-up then collected the necessary chair, pillows, and cans of pumpkin (in place of hand weights).  I was charmed by the instructor’s French accent as she told her history with her twin sister in Cirque du Soleil and her plans to be back in shape 6 weeks after the baby’s arrival in order to film a new act.  She looked spectacularly good for 8 months pregnant and was totally inspiring.  Check out The Perfect Pregnancy Workout if you’re expecting anytime soon!

I stuck to most of the beginner modifications and only had to stop midway through the second set of tricep dips.  There was never a rest. For example, when I moved into child’s pose between sets of push-ups, I was instructed to do kegels and after my quads were burning from too many squats, I was told to hold the last squat and guess what was added?  Yep, more kegels.  The grand finale came in the form of arm circles for something like 5 minutes to “prepare my body for labor”.  I was encouraged to keep everything else loose and and my focus on the breath while my shoulders and arms fatigued.  This video is a complete body workout and I look forward to doing it regularly so I can become advanced 🙂

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