going the distance

It’s funny how I’m feeling so proud of myself for doing longer swim workouts when just a few months ago, I would have considered anything under a mile a short distance.  I dropped way back on my training during Ring preparation, then got pregnant, left town for the summer and was too tired to do anything by the time I returned home in August.  And so, I’m building back up slowly, me and Baby together, encouraging and congratulating myself every step of the way!

I’ve decided to do four workouts at each distance before adding more yards, so today was my second of the 1200 yardage.  I was sharing a lane with the same pregnant woman as a few days ago and a couple other people.  The water was sparkling with the afternoon sunshine that peeked in through the high windows and I enjoyed the warmth as I moved through the cold water.  Beside a few brief pauses to let swimmers pass, I took only one short rest interval in the middle and ended my swim with a cool-down then stretch.  It felt great!

the workout: 1200 yards

250 free, 100 breast, 250 back – 2 X divided by RI:20

50 breast stroke cool down


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