looking absurd

I decided to give my body a break today and go for a walk.  I accompanied my husband across the park to catch the train to work, ran some errands over there, then took a long meandering route home.  Midway through I decided that I should try using my shopping bags as arm weights and do a little upper body work while I walked.  At first I was tentative, a bright pink target with bulging belly doing silly things with shopping bags, but I quickly realized I looked like every other crazy person in the park and stopped caring.  My walk became a muddy scramble when one path dead-ended and I climbed up an embankment- only to find more fences and be forced to retrace my steps.  I kept my pace up the entire walk and was careful at all times not to overextend my back as I lifted the bags while walking.  I actually worked up a sweat- but that may have had more to do with my scarf and raincoat than my “workout”!

To try this at home, all you need is a small shopping list and two bags, walking shoes and a je n’aime pas attitude.  Have fun!

the workout: 45 minute walk, arm/shoulder strength training w/ shopping bags,

3 X 10 each:

side lat raises, curls, front lat raises, shoulder press, shoulder roll


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