squats with the Fantastic Fiddlers

This morning’s swim felt easier physically than yesterday’s swim but was more challenging on the way back because the sun was so bright!  It was nearly impossible to see buoys, oncoming swimmers or the shoreline.  Mom and I checked in with each other frequently and on one of the breaks I even spotted a honu (sea turtle) swimming below me.  We did the same distance as yesterday then raced home to eat before teaching.

I helped out with a few of her lessons today and in the class of fourth grade violinists (the Fantastic Fiddlers) I got my squats in for the day.  We were being human bows and practicing which direction the bow would go on the violin (up or down) as we sang O Come Little Children.  I counted afterward and we did 46 different motions, either coming in or out of a squat at different levels.  The belly obstructed me from squatting too far down (without losing my balance at that speed) but I was slightly out of breath by the end and could feel my hamstrings!

Heading out for a walk then a beach break…  Life is good!

the workout:

1000 yd swim, squats

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