a day of decadence

I went to my usual prenatal water class this morning and we had a different sub than I’ve seen so far.  She encouraged us to use webbed swim gloves (like a wetsuit for hands!) and beside the usual crossing back and forth across the pool running, biking and skiing, we did quite a few arm strengtheners.  She told us that water resistance when doing curls and tricep presses was similar to a 30 lb weight.  I find that hard to believe but I enjoyed the exercises anyway.  The only think I found disagreeable about this teacher was that she didn’t want us doing a particular exercise “all the way” because of our “condition”.  Working obliques during pregnancy is not only okay, but a good idea!  After the class, I swam a very slow 300 yds then took a leisurely shower.  I had an hour before my massage so I treated myself to a lunch around the corner of mac & cheese, kale salad and pineapple chunks.  Yum!  My massage was blissfully relaxing with a perfect blend of deep tissue work on my low back and attention to the rest of me.  I took two buses home instead of my usual one bus plus walking several blocks.  Why didn’t this route occur to me before??  Now I’m debating whether I’m going to pick up my violin and play a few notes or take a nap before I meet the girls at Samovar for tea.  Tonight we’re taking a break from social activities to relax at home.  I’m looking forward to plugging in the Christmas tree, lighting the first Hanukkah candle and sitting in front of the fire with a glass of eggnog.  Ahhh…

the workout:

1 hour water aerobics, 300 yd easy swim


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