perfect workout

I called the exercise class hotline at 7:55 this morning and was sitting on a spin bike by 8:15.  It was the only class of the day and I was determined to do some biking before I started baking.  I sat in the back near the fan and was able to exert myself more than usual.  I’m not sure why I was feeling so good, but my legs were working well and my stomach wasn’t cramping at all.  We did several drills, only a few of which I remember because my brain is not functioning full force these day!  These are in no particular order and I didn’t follow any of the instructions on how much weight to maintain on the wheel since I was taking it easy.  I don’t remember timings of most segments either.  Sorry- useless workout to follow, but some good drill ideas to be tailored to another workout!

3 climbs in 4 / 45 second intervals: first two intervals seated, third and fourth standing, increasing resistance 1/2-1 turn each interval

4 cadence drills: beginning at 70 rpm, increasing gradually over 30 seconds to 110 rpm, hold 10 seconds, drop back to 70 rpm

alternate between 90-95 rpm seated & 60-65 rpm climbing

At the end of class, the instructor was talking about how we’d used fast-twitch muscles and burned blood sugar.  This made me think back happily to the extra large sundae I’d indulged in last night.  Maybe I burned some of it off.  But even if I didn’t, I enjoyed every bite!

the workout:

50 minute spin workout, plus warm-up and cool down, max HR 150, 11.2 miles

stretching & core- push-ups, tri-dips, prego crunches, side crunches, bird-dog


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