eating in the mountains

Hmmm… what to blog about today?? I haven’t been movement-inclined lately. We spent most of Christmas cooking & eating (with a short walk afterward), then went for a nice walk in the park with MC yesterday before we took a lengthy drive up to Tahoe, slugging our way through traffic and stopping for a food break in Davis. This morning I woke up at 5am feeling as though I’d been hit by a truck. I was too stuffed up to breath and my hips were hurting, as usual. At 6am my stomach started grumbling, so I came upstairs for a snack of almonds and a satsuma. I fell back to sleep sitting up for a couple of hours, which relieved both stuffy nose and hips, then enjoyed a cup of tea before a morning walk. I was huffing and puffing even though we walked very slowly and after we’d been out only 20 minutes I turned us around. Didn’t want to overdo it my first morning at altitude. After a day out (which naturally involved more eating and shopping) we came home to snack and relax. I decided it would be a good time to pull out my perfect pregnancy workout DVD. I did all of it, except the end 10 minutes of shoulder exercises, laughing with MC while she read by the fire and likened the music to a porn soundtrack. It felt good to move and the baby in my belly finally fell asleep!

As I read over this, I wonder if perhaps I shouldn’t be writing a food blog instead of an exercise blog?!

the workouts: a little walking, 45 min strength training


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