my non-workout

I began today’s workout with a strenuous 30 minute shopping expedition.  The maternity store was having a sale and I saved lots of money!  I walked from there to the JCC and discovered the joys of recumbent stationary biking.  I did exactly what I’ve always made fun of people for doing… sat down and started spinning my legs in circles very slowly as I watched TV.  I don’t think it did anything for me aerobically because I barely raised my heart rate, but my legs enjoyed the spin and I learned that if a recipe calls for regular salt and I’m using kosher, I basically need to double the amount for equal taste.

After my spin, I changed into my suit and was walking out to the pool when a girl stopped me to talk about prenatal swim classes.  She was just 2 months pregnant and wanted to know about my water and other workouts.  I felt like an old pro giving advice.  Little did she know that I’d just done a non-workout on the bike and was not going to swim, but simply soak in the warm pool!  I floated and stretched for 5 minutes then dragged myself to the shower.

the workout:

35 minutes recumbent bike, 8ish miles


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