swim form with a big belly

The last few days my lower back has been particularly finicky.  I find that the best things to do are distract myself instead of putting energy toward how much I’m hurting and think positive: this too shall pass!

This morning I began with a short yoga practice for low back pain and sciatica.  I discovered that if I followed my instructor’s advice from yesterday’s class and didn’t tilt my pelvis forward during standing poses, my back had more room and I didn’t feel any sciatica pull.

At noon I joined RL and Baby R on their daily walk, mentioning beforehand that I might not be able to walk very far.  Downhills were a little sticky but flat and up were fine and I enjoyed the distraction of talking with a friend while walking several blocks.

After our walk I was feeling good so I went to the pool.  Once parked, I stood up too fast getting out of the car and nearly collapsed in my right hip when the pain shot through it.  I straightened up slowly and breathed, then walked to the pool, reminding myself to be more careful next time.  I was delighted to find the water bathed in sunlight and was pleased by the moderate water temperature.  (Note to self- 1:45 is when the sun hits the pool at this time of year.)  I shimmied myself into the water and my mind immediately went to finding a goal for my swim, but I backed off and decided on one lap at a time.  I focused on specific form for each stroke to help balance my ever-growing belly and not over-arch my spine.  In freestyle, I kept my head low in the water so my bottom half could float higher, encouraging a neutral spine.  During breast stroke, I focused on knees pointing down and feet staying parallel instead of legs splaying open as I’m in the habit of doing.  Keeping an internal rotation of the hips meant I was both strengthening my inner thighs and not overworking my glutes.  Back stroke was the opposite of freestyle.   I allowed my butt to sink a little deeper than usual so that my spine stayed neutral.  900 yards later, I reluctantly got out of the pool because my bladder told me I must!

the workout:

20 min gentle yoga, 45 min walk, 900 yd swim

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