water rockets

We did a new exercise in the prenatal water class this morning.  Along with the usual across the pool and stationary drills, we added water rockets.  No, that’s not the technical name, just what I’ve labeled it for sharing purposes!  We had water belts on and lined up along the wall in the deep end.  We crouched into the wall as close as bellies would allow, then shot backward, using arms and legs to help launch.  We kicked on our backs to the next lane line then “sprinted” back to the wall.  The exercise was repeated several times and each time I realized my momentum decreased and my sprint was a little slower.  Whew!  Good workout today… of course followed by stretch and chat in the warm pool.  My hip feels a little better each day as I get out of the pool and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s massage.  Last time I saw Joanna at Presidio Sport & Medicine, my pregnancy sciatica totally disappeared, so I’m hoping for a similar miracle this time.

the workout:

1 hour water class

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