not just eating

I haven’t written for almost a week but despite how it might appear on my FB page, I have been doing more than just eating!  I continue to love the water even though being on land isn’t horrible right now since hip stopped hurting and my back isn’t usually tired until the evening.  Perhaps I’m in the final stages of a blissful pregnancy and my hips have done most of the shifting they’re going to do??  My belly is getting heavier (and huger!) by the day and Baby’s movements are quite distracting, especially in the middle of the night.  We didn’t sleep much last night but despite waking groggy to a grey morning I hauled myself to water class.  There were eight of us in attendance this morning and I was pleased to already know a little about each girl.  Class was total social hour- didn’t seem as though I worked at all!  This felt great compared to last Thursday’s class when I could barely move in the water and exhausted every muscle in my body.  Sunday’s swim was a middle-ground water day.  We’d spend the entire day sitting in our final hypnobirthing class and I could hardly wait to swim.  However, once in the water I was having so much trouble catching my breath and getting enough air that I quit after 1/4 mile.

After Thursday’s class, I took a total rest day Friday and was recovered enough Saturday to fit a very brief spin in before brunch at Nopa.  I had 20 minutes and made the most of it without exhausting myself.  Yesterday was another tired day so I called it quits after a 30 minute walk in the park with LP, then thoroughly enjoyed my massage as a reward for getting out of bed and moving!

a week of workouts:

wed- Jane’s yoga class!  thurs– 1 hour water class,  fri– rest day,  sat– 20 min spin (5 min warm up, increase weight on wheel & spin 2 min/ climb :30 X 4, decrease weight on wheel & increase RPM 100-105 for 3 min, 2 min cool down), stretch & bird-dog,  sun– 450 yd swim mostly freestyle w/ occasional back or breaststroke,  mon– 30 min easy walk, tue– 1 hour water class

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