creepy blond spin instructor

This morning I was on a roll with health care-related phone calls to the east coast and didn’t want to stop until I was done.  Finishing up business combined with not really feeling like bouncing around in the water made it easy to skip swim class.  However, I still had my 10am Hebrew lesson at the JCC so I packed up a bag with both gym and swim items so I could chose what I wanted to do.  After taking in as much Hebrew as my brain could handle, I decided I still didn’t feel like getting wet so I tried one of the fancy spin bikes that has video workout screens installed.  I sat on the bike and followed instructions from a blond cyclist who grinned at me, looking as if biking through a blue nothing-ness accompanied by out of balance techno music was the most fun he’d ever had.  I chose a level 1, 20 minute workout (yeah, not really pushing myself today!) and did most of what the instructor told me to do, keeping my RPM in sync with the computer and coming out of the saddle for a few of the climbs.  I was far from worn out at the end but felt satisfied for today.

Next, I picked up 3 lb hand weights and did two sets of several arm and shoulder exercises then concluded with a short stretch.  Feeling good!

the workout: 20 minute spin

10 reps x 2: squats w/ shoulder press, forward lat raise balancing on one leg, bent arm lat raise standing balancing other leg, dumbbell curls w/ slow squats, backward tricep extension, bird-dog, chatturanga push-ups on knees


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