weekend opposites

I felt like I needed to rest yesterday, so I stayed in bed listening to podcasts and relaxing until mid-morning then took it really easy all day.  By late afternoon my body was craving a float so we went to the pool.  I found my groove as soon as I lowered myself into the water and began swimming.  It felt so easy and good that I swam 1/4 mile without stopping before I called it a day and moved to the warm pool for a stretch.  I don’t know what was different from usual but the breathing felt effortless and I didn’t tire myself out at all!

Today was the total opposite of yesterday.  Again, I tried to relax in bed an extra hour but still got up feeling tired and decided to go to a spin class anyway.  I alerted the instructor that I’d probably only stay for half the class, hoping I’d feel more energetic as I pedaled and end up completing an hour.  No such luck!  My belly is really in the way these days, so I spent most of the class sitting up on my seat, hands behind my back for support.  Luckily the class focused on climbing out of the saddle so we were up and down every :30-1:00.  I did most of these climbs with very low resistance and tried not to bounce around too much.  Standing and pedaling is, ironically, the most comfortable position these days because the belly doesn’t get bumped at all!  After 35 minutes I decided I was finished and happily came home and eat.

the workouts:  450 yd swim, easy but continuous; 35 minute spin, 10 miles

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