interest is in the details

I can’t remember the last time I swam an entire mile in one day!  Since I am a very goal-oriented exerciser, I now set smaller goals- like swimming a mile in four days combined.  This goal began on Friday and since I missed Sunday I still had half mile to do today.  Luckily I had the time and inclination, and my body was agreeable.  I’m pretty pleased with the fact that, at 36 weeks pregnant, I can still get through 1/2 mile without difficulty.  Since most of my workouts are swims at this point, I try to think of each swim as a new adventure.  Which characters will I share the pool with today?  Will I breathe easily or be gasping for air the entire time?  Will Baby sleep through the motion or join in my workout?  How many laps can I fit in before the obligatory bathroom break?  Will my body feel fluid or will I find a new discomfort?  Yes, these are the thoughts entertaining me as I swim lap after lap of freestyle.

A couple of “adventurous” details from these past few swims:  1) Breast stroke and back stroke are off the playing field.  Breast stroke hurts one of my hips and I have more difficulty breathing when I back stroke.  2) Finis makes a Monofin which I saw in use next to me Saturday.  The guy swam the entire length along the bottom of the pool, feet stuck together, imitating a mermaid.  3) When the guy in the lane next to me repeatedly banged arms with me as we passed, it didn’t occur to him that he was swimming with a wide armspan, reaching over into my lane.  Nope, wasn’t just the pregnant lady taking up too much space again.  4) On Friday I chose to share a lane with someone super slow, figuring at least I wouldn’t hold him up if we ended up circling.  Luckily we didn’t up circling because the super slow guy was actually moving much faster than me.  Humbling.  5) Not everyone knows how to circle, but I was still surprised after asking a lady to join her lane when she told me (dripping wet and cold from my pre-swim shower) that she just had 4 more laps to finish and then I could take her spot.

And so it goes…

the workout: 1 mile, split into 400 yds, 500 yds, 900 yds

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