dreaming of the future

The comparison between racing and giving birth has come up several times in the past few days, from Clif Shot Bloks being good electrolyte snacks to keep in both tri-bag and hospital bag to if I can push through the pain in completing an Ironman, I can birth my baby.  All of this is speculation on my part but comforting nonetheless.  The last comparison I made between Ironman and something else was in preparation for and performance of last summer’s Ring Cycle at the opera.  It worked well for me then, so hopefully now too!

I’m spending more time these days thinking about exercise and craving that which I will do post-pregnancy than actually working out.  I even had a dream about running a few nights ago.  Many people might call this a nightmare, but for me it was a reminder of what’s to come and also an affirmation of my current strength.  In my dream I remember two details.  I ran 30 minutes then leaned over to unlace my shoes and found that my belly was it’s current pregnant size.  My instant thought before happily drifting back to sleep was “maybe I’ll go for a run in the morning”.  Obviously that didn’t happen but once morning rolled around, the pleasantness of the dream lingered.

My activity this past week has been purely on the yoga mat or in the pool.  I walk a bit but even that is uncomfortable except first thing in the morning.  My biggest walk last week was accompanying my husband to the bus stop then returning home- 15 blocks total.  I was exhausted and almost skipped my swim that day!  The swimming and yoga still feel wonderfully soothing to my body and meditative for my mind, so hopefully I will be able to continue both until the big day!

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