ooh… pretty flowers!

Most of my friends are no longer showing up in yoga (due to having their babies) and I was the most, um, maturely pregnant lady in class this morning by four weeks! The one perk was that my mom is now in town so I got to bring her along like I’ve seen so many other 40+ weekers do in the past. If I make it to 41 weeks, class is free. (Don’t get any ideas Baby! That is not my goal). Class felt wonderful, although every time I went into a squat I was sure I might need rescuing out of the pose. Luckily it didn’t come to that but by the end I was tired enough to fall asleep during the five minute sivasana!

Yesterday, my swim class buddies were thrilled to see me and also tried to sympathize that I was still there, not in labor yet. We had a sub who encouraged socialization, which was a relief to everyone, since that’s what we’re there for anyway. The workout was good and I found plenty of energy but immediately lost it the second I climbed out of the water. Save my acupuncture appointment, I spent the afternoon resting in bed! I was tempted to do the same today but thought a walk might encourage Baby to move in the downward direction. I think the walk was a good call and thoroughly enjoyed the de Young museum’s annual flower exhibit. I soaked in the beauty and scent, all the while thinking this would be a perfect way to have spent my last afternoon before giving birth!


slo-mo express swim

I slept in (loving the time change right now!) then decided with mom & sis that we’d like to fit in a swim before my midwife appointment. I raced over to pick them up, scarfing down food on my way, then raced to the pool, then changed quickly into my suit, then jumped into the pool, then realized how tired I was. My body was suddenly in slow motion and it simply wasn’t going to move any faster. While the two of them easily lapped me, I paddled along, stopping for longer breaks than usual in between each 100 yds. Once I finished 600 yds I was too tired to go any further and out of time so that was that for today.
The afternoon plan was a hike outside mill valley but just wandering around town and browsing through the Book Depot wore me out, so we substituted the hike with a short, windy walk to snap some photos from the Headlands. I can only hope tomorrow’s workout will involve bringing my baby into the world… but my favorite midwife isn’t on call until wednesday so maybe we’ll wait. As if I have any say about this!


proud preggo

There’s that horrible word again that I’ve become so accustomed to using!  I’m about to blow my cover and admit when my due date is.  It’s today!  I am 40 weeks pregnant today!  I haven’t been sharing the actual date because I don’t want people harassing me once today passes, but I swam my entire 1/2 mile this morning with a grin and wanted to share my small triumph.  How many women can say they swam 1/2 mile on their due date?  Yeah, there are the crazies- like the woman who ran a marathon- but for normal folks, I’m pretty tickled that I fit into this category!  I had tons of energy and even challenged my husband to a 100 yd race, which I won (because he stopped at 50 yds, misunderstanding me).

My sister took a picture of me in the locker room right after our swim.  As I go through waves of impatience and waves of being glad to have one last hour/day/night/fill-in-the-blank before Baby comes, the picture plainly shows that today I am enjoying myself.  I get to tell anyone who asks, I am due today!

watch for stray limbs

Today I went swimming. Again.  Of course.  I’m not even to my due date and yet I’ve been sure Baby will make an appearance any second- for the past week.  At least my sister is now here to keep me company.  We went to the pool today with an entire agenda of lunch and shopping to follow.  (It’s amazing how much money I save by simply not being able to fit into anything!).

The swim was good, although I think I was moving extremely slowly.  Midway through my laps I moved to a different lane and joined a older man I’d seen a dozen times before.  I’ve always watched him and wondered why he doesn’t understand the concept of swimming on one side of the lane.  He seems to swim in the middle of the lane and at a diagonal.  The instant I joined him, he apologized for his inability to swim in a straight line but that he would be extra careful.  I assured him that I was especially good at watching for stray arms and legs these days and that he shouldn’t worry.  For the first several minutes, he only walked to the middle of the pool and swam back when he knew I wouldn’t be passing.  Every time we ended up in the same place he wanted to chat, which I found no harm in doing since I wasn’t trying to break any speed records.  Gradually he ventured across the pool- in the middle of the lane, as usual.  I paused, avoiding the need to squeeze between him and the woman in the next lane doing breast stroke with flippers (huh?).  My belly survived the swim unscathed and I made a new friend!

the workout: 900ish yds

what to do

Ummm yeah, I’m still pregnant and trying to find things to fill up my time.  After seeing the midwife, enjoying a pastry & steamed milk at Tartine and visiting with a friend in Dolores Park, I went to the pool again.  My husband suggested yesterday that maybe the baby doesn’t want to come out since s/he is cozy inside, gets good food all the time and goes swimming frequently.  So I reassured Baby today that s/he would indeed get delicious food on the outside (yum milk) and as soon as s/he is big enough we’ll spend plenty of time at the pool.  What I didn’t mention is that the pool is freezing, but that will be discovered soon enough.

I arrived at the pool just as the fog burned off and sunlight streamed across the end lanes.  I positioned myself accordingly and began my laps.  The guy next to me was doing 50 yd sprints so I felt unusually slow and tried to pick up my pace.  Then I decided there was no point in wearing myself out and slowed down again.  I lost track of counting midway through, which is pretty unbelievable since I routinely swim 100 yds then stop for a quick break.  I’m really not sure how counting to four is difficult but my mind does tend to  wander when I’m in the pool and it’s been worse than usual since pregnancy.  Anyway, I completed what I thought was 900 yds then hurried home to eat more.  I napped and cleaned for the rest of the day.  Another full day!

beached whale

On Thursday I had such a strong feeling
that it might be my last swim before Baby’s arrival. However my “strong feeling” and Baby’s plans didn’t line up so I dutifully made my way to the pool again this morning. I laughed as I remember way back when my husband likened me to a graceful little whale in the water. These days I’m really more like a beached whale at all times and I can’t help but anticipate how fast I’ll be once my body is again streamlined!
I went for a vigorous, slightly lengthier than usual swim, then rewarded myself with a walk through the ferry building farmers market. It’s a gorgeous day so food lines are long but samples are abundant. Next order of business: infant CPR class.

the workout: 1 km swim


luxuriating in the feel of water

I absorbed the final few laps of my swim today as if they would be the last for a while.  Who knows at this point??  Breathing has become remarkably easy now that Baby isn’t taking up all of my lung space and although my 1000 yds seemed to take a long time, I swam each 100 yds with energy and determination.  As I hauled myself out of the pool a man in the hot tub motioned me over to inquire about my due date and share with me that his daughter had been born one month ago.  He said he and mom were making a point of giving each other workout breaks to maintain sanity.  Sounds like a good idea to me!

On Tuesday our prenatal water instructor was sick and couldn’t find a sub so five of us showed up to run our own class.  Everyone was committed to being there because we’d planned lunch afterward!  As soon as we started warming up one of the girls commented that she’d just found my blog, then asked me what we should do next.  I took over instructing the moves for a while then a few others joined in.  We did a fun 45 minutes of work then decided it was time to stretch in the warm pool.  I wanted to be horizontal for a few minutes so I jumped back in to help the lifeguard reset the lap lanes.  I made it to the other end and moved my side but he dropped his.  I kicked my way back, holding the lane line to keep it slack so my end wouldn’t sink, then retrieved his side.  After it was re-hooked I did a quick 200 yds then joined the girls for a little relaxation before lunch.

I’m sure going to miss swimming but can’t wait until I can take Baby to the pool with me.  After all, he/she will be a Pisces, just like Mamma!