luxuriating in the feel of water

I absorbed the final few laps of my swim today as if they would be the last for a while.  Who knows at this point??  Breathing has become remarkably easy now that Baby isn’t taking up all of my lung space and although my 1000 yds seemed to take a long time, I swam each 100 yds with energy and determination.  As I hauled myself out of the pool a man in the hot tub motioned me over to inquire about my due date and share with me that his daughter had been born one month ago.  He said he and mom were making a point of giving each other workout breaks to maintain sanity.  Sounds like a good idea to me!

On Tuesday our prenatal water instructor was sick and couldn’t find a sub so five of us showed up to run our own class.  Everyone was committed to being there because we’d planned lunch afterward!  As soon as we started warming up one of the girls commented that she’d just found my blog, then asked me what we should do next.  I took over instructing the moves for a while then a few others joined in.  We did a fun 45 minutes of work then decided it was time to stretch in the warm pool.  I wanted to be horizontal for a few minutes so I jumped back in to help the lifeguard reset the lap lanes.  I made it to the other end and moved my side but he dropped his.  I kicked my way back, holding the lane line to keep it slack so my end wouldn’t sink, then retrieved his side.  After it was re-hooked I did a quick 200 yds then joined the girls for a little relaxation before lunch.

I’m sure going to miss swimming but can’t wait until I can take Baby to the pool with me.  After all, he/she will be a Pisces, just like Mamma!


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