watch for stray limbs

Today I went swimming. Again.  Of course.  I’m not even to my due date and yet I’ve been sure Baby will make an appearance any second- for the past week.  At least my sister is now here to keep me company.  We went to the pool today with an entire agenda of lunch and shopping to follow.  (It’s amazing how much money I save by simply not being able to fit into anything!).

The swim was good, although I think I was moving extremely slowly.  Midway through my laps I moved to a different lane and joined a older man I’d seen a dozen times before.  I’ve always watched him and wondered why he doesn’t understand the concept of swimming on one side of the lane.  He seems to swim in the middle of the lane and at a diagonal.  The instant I joined him, he apologized for his inability to swim in a straight line but that he would be extra careful.  I assured him that I was especially good at watching for stray arms and legs these days and that he shouldn’t worry.  For the first several minutes, he only walked to the middle of the pool and swam back when he knew I wouldn’t be passing.  Every time we ended up in the same place he wanted to chat, which I found no harm in doing since I wasn’t trying to break any speed records.  Gradually he ventured across the pool- in the middle of the lane, as usual.  I paused, avoiding the need to squeeze between him and the woman in the next lane doing breast stroke with flippers (huh?).  My belly survived the swim unscathed and I made a new friend!

the workout: 900ish yds


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