slo-mo express swim

I slept in (loving the time change right now!) then decided with mom & sis that we’d like to fit in a swim before my midwife appointment. I raced over to pick them up, scarfing down food on my way, then raced to the pool, then changed quickly into my suit, then jumped into the pool, then realized how tired I was. My body was suddenly in slow motion and it simply wasn’t going to move any faster. While the two of them easily lapped me, I paddled along, stopping for longer breaks than usual in between each 100 yds. Once I finished 600 yds I was too tired to go any further and out of time so that was that for today.
The afternoon plan was a hike outside mill valley but just wandering around town and browsing through the Book Depot wore me out, so we substituted the hike with a short, windy walk to snap some photos from the Headlands. I can only hope tomorrow’s workout will involve bringing my baby into the world… but my favorite midwife isn’t on call until wednesday so maybe we’ll wait. As if I have any say about this!



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