ooh… pretty flowers!

Most of my friends are no longer showing up in yoga (due to having their babies) and I was the most, um, maturely pregnant lady in class this morning by four weeks! The one perk was that my mom is now in town so I got to bring her along like I’ve seen so many other 40+ weekers do in the past. If I make it to 41 weeks, class is free. (Don’t get any ideas Baby! That is not my goal). Class felt wonderful, although every time I went into a squat I was sure I might need rescuing out of the pose. Luckily it didn’t come to that but by the end I was tired enough to fall asleep during the five minute sivasana!

Yesterday, my swim class buddies were thrilled to see me and also tried to sympathize that I was still there, not in labor yet. We had a sub who encouraged socialization, which was a relief to everyone, since that’s what we’re there for anyway. The workout was good and I found plenty of energy but immediately lost it the second I climbed out of the water. Save my acupuncture appointment, I spent the afternoon resting in bed! I was tempted to do the same today but thought a walk might encourage Baby to move in the downward direction. I think the walk was a good call and thoroughly enjoyed the de Young museum’s annual flower exhibit. I soaked in the beauty and scent, all the while thinking this would be a perfect way to have spent my last afternoon before giving birth!



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