muscle man

We visited the pediatrician for Baby A’s one month appointment last week and the doc commented on my babe’s great muscle tone. He also said his scientific mind wondered if there could be any correlation between this and my being an athlete & keeping in great shape throughout pregnancy. Baby A is super strong and already managed to flip himself from belly to back twice during tummy time! We do leg and arm “exercises” while I sing to him each day and he enjoys a little leg massage now and then (but nowhere else)! My little muscle man has a mind of his own and when he decides he’s not going to let go of something or bend his legs to go in pajamas, there’s nothing I can do but wait it out!
Meanwhile, Momma is also getting stronger by the day. I am walking up hills and at faster paces easily and we set a new record today with two walks totaling almost 7 miles. I started doing a few planks with bent knees and bird – dog pose but I’m finding it difficult to be consistent between baby duties. However, my core muscles are nonexistent and I know building them back up is key to maintaining a heathy back!

rolling on the big wheels

We upgraded to our BOB stroller this morning and it was so much easier to push and maneuver (…the things I get excited about these days)! After spending the past few weeks walking with Baby A in an unruly older apparatus, my arms and glutes were sore, so I ordered a infant seat attachment for the fancy running stroller living in my garage. As an athlete, I’m all about the gear and keeping my body as comfortable as possible. As a musician who’s got a concert to play next week, I need my arms to be fresh.

Even with two of us on baby duty this morning it took a good hour to get out of the house. No idea what we were doing but at least the end results were a dim sum picnic lunch in Mountain Lake Park. Incidentally, I ended up pushing my monster stroller up most of the hills. Somehow my husband was always doing something else (like shooting tapioca pearls from his bubble tea through a straw onto people’s roofs). I suppose I could have simply asked for help but it’s more my style to muscle through then complain later. I know; not very helpful to anyone involved.
Today’s walk concluded a week of sunny & gorgeous walks to everywhere from the pediatrician’s office to our Bagels and Babies group. We logged around 16 miles, the longest walk being just over four miles. I’ve comfortably picked up my pace and am feeling almost as good as I did pre-pregnancy.

Other big news: Baby A and I attended our first yoga class together on Wednesday. Mostly he slept and cried and I may have done three poses, but I enjoyed being back among other mommas I recognized from my prenatal class.

The thoughts of running or sitting on a bike seat still seem horrible but I may try swimming again in the near future. Next up: sports massage on Monday!


getting out every day

I am quickly falling into a new routine with Baby A. One that mostly involves nursing him when he screams. When he started peeing on his pediatrician yesterday- and didn’t stop for quite a while, the doc laughed and commented how well hydrated he is. Nursing being my main workout these days, I’m pleased that it’s not only a pleasant activity for me and my baby, but it also burns calories.
I ventured back to the maternity store yesterday for nursing attire. I’m having issues with the fact that I look like I’ve got a beer gut now. I know this is totally normal and the baby weight doesn’t disappear immediately, but I never realized just how vain I was about my body until now. I found a couple items I thought I’d feel okay wearing in public and reminded myself that not only is my current shape natural, but both Baby A and I need the extra fat right now to support his ravenous appetite. At three weeks old, he weighs 10 lbs already!

Moving on to the exercise part of this post… before getting pregnant was even a thought, I read an article by a pro triathlete with twin baby boys. Somebody had given her the advice to get her babies outside every single day, even if it meant merely sitting on the front stoop for a few minutes. As soon as I felt recovered enough myself, I began following that advice. Until today the weather has been sunny and beautiful. However, today the rain came back so I pulled out the stroller rain cover and wandered into the park. It was only drizzling but the park was unusually quiet and peaceful. The scent of flowers was magnified and I think I walked my entire walk with a silly, pleased new mommy grin on my face. I was pushing a stroller! With my baby inside! We walked 1.7 miles, which was my max for the day, and I enjoyed every second of it!