baby with a view

I used my gym membership yesterday for the first time in almost two months! I was out walking with Baby A and stopped into the Richmond YMCA to ask how soon I could use the childcare (3 mos. old) then decided since he was sleeping I’d wheel him into the empty stretching room and take advantage of a few quite moments. Why didn’t I think of this before?? After a luxurious stretch and a few core exercises (I’m finally rediscovering some muscles!) we took off for an ambitious walk up 15th avenue into the Presidio. Not exactly hill repeats but still a great workout for butt and core as I tried my best not to carry the weight of the stroller with arms and low back. I wasn’t winded by the time I reached the top and congratulated myself for being on a good path to post-pregnancy fitness.
We continued our walk through the Presidio and missed the exit nearest our block. By the time we finally exited and were inconveniently among only houses and businesses again we had a nursing emergency. I found a random bench outside a closed sandwich shop and quickly opened the buffet, wishing I’d worn a more appropriate shirt!
We eventually made it home after one more outburst. Note to self: don’t stay out so long at one time!

the workout:
Half planks, bird-dog, pelvic tilts & lifts on back, shoulder stretches, gentle twists lying on back, hip flexor stretches in standing lunge, standing quad stretch
4 mile walk w/ 15th ave hill


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