bouncing around

I began training for the Honolulu marathon Thursday. No, seriously. I know that is a bold statement but I’ve signed up for it several years in a row and not participated since 2005 so maybe this will be my year. Or maybe not. Who knows?
I had only a short amount of time between my husband’s arrival home from work and dinner plans. I hadn’t worn running clothes since early in my pregnancy so I pulled on comfy leggings and my biggest, most supportive running bra. I was… excuse the pun… literally busting out. My favorite long sleeve running shirt was also uncomfortably small! (I remedied both problems with a trip to Lululemon yesterday. Any excuse to shop!)
My workout began with a quick warmup walk into the park, then I did a few jog-walk intervals. I felt like every part of me was bouncing with every step! Not a comfortable feeling. Walking home, I threw in some heel & toe walks for good measure and concluded my workout un-winded and feeling fresh. The goal as I get back into pre-pregnancy shape is to leave each workout looking forward to the next. So far, so good!

the workout:
5 min walk warm-up, 2 min jog- 1 min walk X4, 5 min walk cool down


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