We had a blow-out yesterday.  No, not a dirty diaper, a stroller tire.  I was walking with the Stroller Posse (six of us with babes and strollers!) in the park and apparently my BOB ran over a nail.  We heard a loud bang and looked down to discover I had a flat tire.  Of all the strollers to malfunction after a little off-roading…!

Fast-forward to today.   Baby A decided, after we’d already left the house, that he’d rather be in my arms than in his stroller.  Luckily I’d brought the Boba wrap so while he hollered from the stroller, I wrapped myself up as quickly as possible.  I slid him into the wrap (no easy task when he’s upset and holding his legs stiff) then hoped for the best as I continued on my walk.  As I suspected, he was overtired and fell asleep almost instantly.  Great, except I had the heavy stroller and a heavy baby strapped to me.  I’ve grown accustomed to pushing only the BOB since it’s much lighter and more maneuverable with one hand.  The Graco pop-up is nearly impossible to steer without two arms!  I could have turned around and walked home but I was determined to pick up a few groceries and a replacement tube for the BOB.  I made it all the way to the grocery store, pushing the stroller with one arm and supporting Baby A with the other, then he woke up.  I almost turned around and called it quits but we’d made it that far, so I popped him back into the stroller and offered his fancy mustache pacifier.  Success!  In the end, we finished our errands and made it home before he turned grumbly again.  I was relieved to sit down, feed him and wait for my husband’s arrival home.

I wanted to swim this evening but unfortunately there were no lap lines during the time I could go!  I thought of getting on my bike but decided rolling my shoulders forward and hunching over a bike was not what I needed after a day of playing violin and nursing my baby.  Next option- running.  Nope, too windy.  At least I’ve got a gym membership!  I felt so normal hopping in my car and driving to the gym like I used to do.  Ironically, I ended up on the stationary bike because my legs really wanted to spin!  I alternated sitting upright and doing standing climbs in order to avoid the hunched over position.  When I transfered to the treadmill, running felt exceedingly easy since my body was already warmed up.  I called it quits after 10 minutes then pulled a foam roller into the stretching area.  I laid on my back and let my arms drop to the floor, opening my chest and releasing all the muscles which shorten during nursing.  I did my legs lifts in this position to work my core, then did a full body roll-out.  It felt so amazing that I’m going to make a point of rolling out my aching muscles every day!  Now I’m going to bed.  My mind is tired and my body is exhausted!

the workout:

2.78 miles walking, carrying baby

15 minutes spin bike

10 minutes running, .90 miles

core- bird-dog, plank, leg lifts from foam roller

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